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Instant Access is committed to ensuring that environmental issues are high on the company’s list of priorities, and are considered to be an integral part of all the company's operations.

Instant Access will ensure that:

  • The company meets all relevant legal requirements, regulations and standards set by the authorities.
  • Environmental risk should be part of the normal checklist of risk assessment and management.
  • Details of the procedures for the storage and disposal of hazardous waste materials are contained in the company's procedures manual.
  • Regular environmental audits will be conducted so as to ensure that the policy is effective.
  • Guidance, training and procedures will be in place to enable all staff to contribute to the company’s policy.
  • Waste arising from the operation of the company will be disposed of as per current regulation and best practice.
  • Wherever possible, materials purchased will be recyclable and purchased from environmentally concious suppliers.
  • Whenever possible, diesel powered machines will be fitted with low emission or energy efficient engines.
  • Wherever possible environmentally sustainable practices will be pursued.

Also as an integral part of our Environmental Policy, Instant Access will aim to minimise the environmental impact of our Operations. It is the company’s aim to monitor environmental performance in order to eliminate or reduce waste in all its forms and to minimise our environmental footprint.

We will achieve this by:

  • Providing equipment that as a minimum will meet current standard, and is energy efficient, meets the needs of our clients.
  • Giving due regard to both our operational activities and to the whole life cycles of our equipment.
  • Promoting environmentally responsible equipment and to provide our clients and their customers with information on it’s best usage.
  • Endeavour to minimise the use of our planet's natural & non-renewable resources throughout our company's activities.
  • Minimising waste production by considering the latest and best sustainable designed products, whole life costing, careful material specifications and encouraging re-use and recycling.
  • Communicating the social, economical and environmental aspects of our work by engaging with our employees and our clients.
  • Developing, training and raising awareness and encouraging personnel to embody the principles of sustainable development into their day to day working activities.